Asics Gel Kayano, Build Running Form

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to study in my age. The reason why I still want to study is because it is a lifelong journey. So, I encouraged myself to take the chance to join the Creative Writing Class, that is conducted by TBI (The British Institute) and ISB (Indonesian Social Blogpreneur). 

TBI Dago, Bandung is the TBI branch that will be lead this lesson. The first lesson is about making a product review. I post this as my homework, so I can improve my English writing.

My husband bought shoes as a birthday present for me last year. I started actively running three months before, and the present was to encourage me. We went to the Asics store at Pondok Indah Mall. 

As a newbie runner, it was confusing to choose the right type of shoes. So, the measurement process provided by the Asics store was suggested to me. The purpose was to find the right type of shoes. The process includes running on the treadmill to identify the sole type and observe the running form.

Gel Kayano 25 were the shoes that matched me because I needed stability and support in my feet when running. It has flytefoam in the midsole and gel in the heel which gives me a firm bounce to support my running. So, I can run comfortably.

Asics Gel Kayano 25 women’s has extra 3 mm of midsole height, that can reduce achilles strain. My running form was not correct at the time, so I needed these shoes to reduce the chances to get injured. 

Gel Kayano 25 for women’s

The top part of the shoes is made to be breathable and is able to dry quickly. It makes my skin less irritable and odorless. It is also very flexible hence I can move my feet freely. 

Unfortunately, there were not many choices of colour. There were only two colours, light blue and grey. I chose the light blue one. The price is quite expensive for a newbie runner like me. It was IDR 2,500,000. 

I recommend the Asics Gel Kayano for women who like running, especially the newbies. It will give you comfort and correct your running form. It is worth buying because it builds your running form and reduces injury.


August 25, 2020 at 09:54

kece banget sepatunya kak. jadi inget sepatu lariku udah jebok. hiks

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